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Wanda Fool's Funderland

Showcase & Open Mic 

To Be Announced.... Stay Tuned!

​Hosted by the one and only Wanda Fool it’s a night of performances

both raw and ready – just like at a Comedy Club Open Mic, but if it were for clowns and mixed with a cabaret!

How will this work?

Wanda Fool (aka Julia Bothun) will be your host.

She will open the show and introduce you our entertainers! 

What should I do?

We are family entertainers. Please keep it family friendly and rated G.

You can do a short bit, magic trick, puppet routine, sing a song, tell a joke or story.


Not sure? Have questions?

Ask Wanda

How long do I have? 

Up to three minutes. We have time for ten people for each show. 

Do I have to wear clown make-up? 

Not necessarily. It’s up to you. Whatever works for your character.


Where do I sign up? 

Right here with Wanda at


So what are you waiting for?

The next Wanda Fool Funderland Showcase is down the road some... watch for new date! 

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