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Want to raise your CLOWNING

to the next level?
Come to Mooseburger Camp 2024 for a special

9 hour course designed specifically for SHRINE CLOWNS!

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AUGUST  6 - 11, 2024

We believe in the mission of the Shriners and have created

a course that will encourage and inspire you to be the

best you can be, for the kids and families you serve.


Introducing... a 9 Hour Course Focused on Shrine Clowning.

If you are a Shrine clown looking to improve your presentations when working in circuses, hospitals, and on your own, we have just the course for you. This is an in depth course not normally available at conventions. From hospital visits to Circus arenas, in this course Fred will use several different approaches to explore various ways of performing that are utilized by Shrine clowns. With many years as a Shrine clown himself, he has produced and performed in numerous routines for the Osman Shrine Circus as well as others. Fred has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he is ready to share with you.

Some topics that will be covered during the course:

Note, topics are subject to change and may be expanded/contracted as needed in the Course, additional topics not listed.

Wake Up and Shake Up Your Makeup (and Costume)

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out in clowning, Tricia will join Fred to share with you some of the changes in makeup products, techniques, and styles that you can take advantage of to review, renew, or even totally redo your makeup to put your best face forward.  She will also talk about some costume accessories and additions than can give you a new look or to simply update what you already have.

Adding Character to the Look of Your Clown

They say “beauty is only skin deep” and it is surely true of clowns! So how do you make that inner beauty of what the Shrine clown does, shine through? Part of this is in the creation of a memorable character. Fred will help yo find the tools you need to find the clown skin you can be comfortable in and that works for you.


Making Magic In Small Places 

Shrine clowns don’t just do big gags on the circus arena floor. They often work up close and personal in hospitals and in the audience at circuses and events. Pocket magic, props, tricks, and gag are go-to items for any clown to use in small places and for small groups, but you don’t have to carry a clown car worth. A few, well done, will serve you well. Fred will share some that you can use ‘on the go’ wherever you go.

Competitions: How to Make the Most of Them  

Win, place, or show, or simply to be seen, there are many reasons to participate in the competitions at Shrine and other conventions. Whether your goal is to win a ribbon, get a critique, or just for the thrill of the chase, Fred will share tips on how competitions can help you grow and become a better clown.

In addition to the "Rise & Shrine" course... join in the rest of our

Mooseburger Camp program with plenty of education and fun!


•   An all inclusive, amazing week of fun and learning.

•   Personalized Education Plan for every camper

•   30+ top notch workshops to choose from

•   Superior staff of professionals working in the art of clowning

•   Hands on make-up lab with staff for help

•   Learn new routines to take back to your unit

•   Perform in the All Star Clown Show and share  your joy of kids and clowning

•   Brush up on your competition skills

•   Comfy cabins great for socializing

•   3 different high level evening performances

•   Pie Fight, Make-It & Take-It Prop Shop, Vendors Room, Nightly Activities and many more awesome and awe    inspiring things!

Mooseburger Camp brings you the BEST Clown Arts Education

in a fun filled week on Clearwater Lake in Annandale, MN.

Course Instructor:  Fred Baisch

Fred is an award winning clown as well as an accomplished magician. We are thrilled that he takes time from his busy schedule to be with us at Moose Camp. Fred is a big part of our Dealer Room. He brings a huge magic shop to Moose Camp with everything you need in magic, balloons, puppets, and more. Then he breaks out all of his personal favorites and trade secrets and shares them in his magic course. Fred fits in perfectly at Moose Camp with his giving teaching style, his real love of being a clown himself, and his chance to mess around and laugh with all of us!

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