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RANDY uses circus and variety arts methods to engage, educate and entertain his audiences. Randy’s expertise has opened doors for his performances at such notable places as the World Clowns Convention in Bognor Regis, England, the famed University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Clown Camp, The National Children’s Pastor’s Conference, The International Fellowship of Christian Magicians Convention, Advanced Studies On the Performance Art of Clown and as a pre-event performer for Cirque Du Soliel.

He has taught kid’s workers, clowning and creative communication methods at various local, regional and national workshops. Randy has currently performed in 32 states and 9 foreign countries.


Randy is a prolific resource creator having authored over 20 books on clowning, variety arts methods, and children’s ministry. A number have been translated into Spanish and Portuguese at request of teachers in Spain, Portugal and Brazil. He has over two hundred published articles in various children’s ministry and entertainer publications. He is a past columnist for the notable “Laugh*Makers” periodical; the official journal of the International Association of Family Entertainment Professionals.


Randy currently teaches and performs full time based out of Minnesota. He’s active in local community events and elementary school programs. He is a husband, father and grandpa.

Randy recently was awarded the title “Master Clown” by the World Clown Association for his excellence in performance. Inspired by old-time renowned professionals, like Charlie Chaplin and Red Skelton, Randy brings good, clean fun to audiences of all ages today. Amazingly, grandparents and grandchildren, from the most simple to the most educated, find themselves enthralled with Randy’s incredible presentations full of heart and humor.


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