But wait! There's MORE!!!

You may not be able to attend every meeting... we know Life is Busy!


So, we have some super fun, one of a kind events to add for

 your enjoyment!

These events are on a different night than our regular meeting. 

Wanda Fool's Funderland Showcase and Open Mic 

Hosted by the one and only Julia B., it’s a night of performances both raw and ready - just

like at a Comedy Club Open Mic, but if it were for clowns and mixed with a cabaret!

(Be sure to read our Q&A on our separate Wanda Fool's Funderland page.)





















Review & Critique Nights for Fun Friendly Feedback


At Moose Camp Karen Hoyer introduced a popular and invaluable exercise. Twice a year, we will have a Review and Critique night where you can present your material for a qualified professional, one on one, to review and critique. Find out what’s working and what’s not, and what you might do to improve. This is a director’s eye, not judgement or negativity.


For Puppets Only! 

All puppet Zoom sessions. No humans or clowns to appear on screen.

Chat with puppets, about puppets, and work on your puppetry skills

and character at the same time! All levels of experience invited....even

if you've only just put a puppet on your hand.


Extended Jam Nights

Sometimes you just need more time to jam! You know you want to get together and play. These will be nights where we just schedule some jams, open the rooms, and let ‘em roll! 


Bonus Events

Hey, you didn’t really expect us to spill all of the secrets, did you? Let’s just say we are cooking up more fun and will connect our subscribers to it whenever possible. 

Oh what FUN awaits!!