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is a great way to stay connected to clowns wherever you are in the world! 

We are an independent online Clown Alley with regular meetings via Zoom!

It will feature inspiration, education, entertainment, performance & sharing opportunities... and most of all FUN! 


Who is the Mooseburger Clown Arts e-Alley? 




That's right! It is open to anyone who is interested in the joy of clowning. Perfect for new clowns, volunteer clowns, semi-professionals, professional clowns and retired clowns who still enjoy fellowship with fun creative people.


What if I don’t know how to use Zoom?


We learned through The Joyful Journey that clowns are amazing and willing to learn new things. For help, go to and click on the Resources tab, then Video Tutorials.

Why an e-Alley?


At Mooseburger Clown Arts, we have been listening! Clowns from all over the country, Canada, and beyond have said that they want and need to stay more connected. Not everyone has a local clown club. But we still want to get together to laugh, have fun, learn, and share. Mooseburger Clown Arts is ready to help! The Joyful Journey, a 3 day online virtual clown arts education event proved to us it could be done! We are continuing the journey with the next step: the e-Alley.

What will the Zoom meetings be like?

  • Inspiration to help keep you enthused and engaged

  • Education - learn something new from the best instructors in clowning!

  • Entertainment

  • Interactive Jam Sessions

  • Fun Games and Silly Prizes

  • Community Room, just to chat and share

  • A great way to to meet new friends and stay connected!


Did you have to attend a Mooseburger Event (Moose Camp, or Joyful Journey) to be in this e-Alley? 

No not at all! We love to say we are one big family at Mooseburger. We are all-inclusive and we want you to join us.


When does the Mooseburger e-Alley meet?

  • Meetings will always be the 2nd Thursday of the month 7:00 - 9:00 pm central time.

  • A-Zoom meeting on your e-device (computer, phone, or tablet)

  • (check out for easy to follow tutorials)


What exactly do I get?

  • 8 Regular Meetings

  • 4 Featured Presentations (1 per quarter)

  • e-Alley Extras (See below.... it's for real!)  

e-Alley EXTRAS!

You aren't going to believe this!! Have we got a whole lot of amazing extra featured events for you! 

Check out our Extra's Page!

  • Wanda Fool's Showcase and Open Mic

  • Puppets Only! 

  • Review and Critique (1 on 1 Friendly Feedback with Karen Hoyer) 

  • Extended Jam Nights 

  • Bonus Events


What happens at the e-Alley meetings?

  • Open with a Fun Activity and Warm-Up

  • Miss Moose Musings and Inspirations

  • Special Guest Education - (different each meeting)

  • Share Time with you!

  • Multiple Break Out Rooms for Themed Jam Sessions: balloons, puppetry, make-up, magic, and more! 

  • Fun and Games! bingo, raffles, crafts games, and more.    


What is the cost?

The Mooseburger e-Alley is a subscription-based program. In order to bring you the highest quality presenters, programs and extras, there is a cost. Subscriptions are for one year. See the Membership page for more info.

  • Monthly Payments: Pay $19.95 per month and receive the above program features.

  • Annual Payment: Pay one payment per year of $225.00 and get all regular program features, plus a special "By Invitation Only One Night Event" with Exclusive Event Prizes. You won't want to miss this TREAT!

How is this different?

  • No Politics - This is open to all clowns at every level, regardless of membership in any other organization. Everyone welcome!

  • No Attendance Policy - It’s your subscription. Participate as much or as little as you like.

  • Easy Rules and Regulations - Just things learned in kindergarten: Be kind, be respectful, play nice, and share!

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