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ProKNOWS took their regular "Sticky Stuff" formula and kicked it up a notch to be even more durable. Super extra-strength adhesion; resilient enough to hold on most professional clown noses through all types of humidity and perspiration. Great alternative to latex, glue, or spirit gum. Travels easily (no worry about glue bottle leaking). Allergen-free.


  • Roll of double-sided tape
  • 100" long
  • 0.5" width
  • Super strength medical-grade adhesive
  • No gunky build-up; peels off

Super Stick Tape by ProKNOWS

SKU: #7083
  • Clean nose surface of make-up or skin oils. Cut a piece of tape to fit nose, peel and stick in nose. Peel off other side of tape and stick on your real nose. 

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