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Join us at Camp Friendship in Annandale Mn. Learn amazing comic skills that will enhance your theatrical performances. We bring in top instructors from all over the USA for our camp. This year we are hosting a one of a kind program for theater students who want to hone their craft. 


Many school and community productions feature comedy and comic characters. Why not learn from the best funny men and women? Topics include the tricks of the trade from improv, puppetry, physcal comedy, and so much more! 


Join us for this fun filled day plus, the All American Pie Fight, and the award winning performanc The Magic of Hans Christian Anderson.


Sponsored by The Costume Shoppe of Maple Lake


  • Incoming Freshman and Up
  • College Students Welcome
  • Directors Join us for FREE
  • Questions? Call 320-963-6277 or email



Comedy Theater Day at Moose Camp Aug. 8, 2024

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