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Mehron’s Color Cups are the perfect little pots of richly-pigmented greasepaint for your clown face. They are the same greasepaint as in the big tubs and the pencils, so they are formulated to blend well with one another.

  • White is the same famous Mehron Clown White original formula.
  • Red is a bright cherry red for nose, lips, pips, and cheeks.
  • Blue is a vibrant color perfect for outlines. Blend with White for a highlight on the eyelids.
  • Black is a true black for outlines.
  • Monster Grey is the nicest color we've found for Tramp or Hobo clown stubble or "5 o'clock shadow". Not as harsh-looking as the black greasepaint. Apply with a Stipple Sponge. 
  • For easy and smooth application, warm clown makeup in the palm of the hand before dabbing onto the skin.  Apply with fingertips using a “patting” technique to eliminate streaking.
  • After applying, dust your face liberally with Colorset Powder to set the grease (makes it dry), and brush off excess.
  • To wash off, first reliquify with Makeup Remover, wipe off grease, then wash with soap and warm water.

Mehron Color Cups

SKU: #7013
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