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Annette Darragh

Camp Instructor

Annette (or “Miss Pockets”) has been a professional clown and clowning instructor for 30+ years. She has won numerous awards for clowning in Make-up, Character, Skit, Face Painting, and Balloon competitions at the Regional, National and World levels. She specializes in hospital clowning and its therapeutic benefits. She has been recognized in many cancer publications for her work in the healing power of humor. Annette owns and operates “Funny Bone Props,” a business that sells hospital props for Caring Clown. Annette performed at Disney World in 1994 with WCA. She was selected to be an Ambassador of the United States on a People to People ambassador program and was one of seven from the U.S. sent on the first clowning delegation to China in May and June of 1999. In 2000, Annette was inducted into the Midwest Clown Hall of Fame at the 27th Midwest Clown Round-Up. In 2013 Annette received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Midwest Clown Round-Up. Annette lectures throughout the year at several conventions and seminars around the country. She had served on staff of Mooseburger Camp for several years and is very excited to be returning.

Annette's Courses

Annette's Courses

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