Bright red with a sealed high-gloss finish, this is the original ProKnows professional clown nose tip made by Leon McBryde. Lightweight, latex free, foam padding inside to help the glue stick better to your skin.


Jim Howle Heart Nose Tip


    • If there is too much foam for your own nose to fit inside, use a small rotary tool (like a Dremel) to shave out more room.
    • Can be adhered to skin with the following products: Mehron Liquid Latex, Mehron Double-Sided Tape, ProKnows Latex Glue, ProKnows Sticky Stuff Tape, ProKnows Super Stick Tape, Osto-Bond Skin Bond.
    • Over time, too much glue residue builds up inside; use the ProKNOWS Dissolvent to clean the gunk out.
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