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Clowning & Storytelling with Puppets


Christopher Hudert

This is an immersion in puppetry, geared specifically to clowns. Puppetry shares many similarities with clowning, so the techniques used can make you a better clown too. We’ll cover entrances, exits, basic movements, manipulation do’s and don’ts, and the most important aspects of all — character and focus. We will focus on the typical hand and rod puppets that most clowns use, but also touch on marionettes, hand puppets, toys, and various other kinds of puppets as they apply to clowning. Each type will be explored through a series of exercises and scenarios that emphasize play and comedy. As we move forward we will incorporate lessons on character, movement, identity, voice, presence, solo and partner work, relationships, and, most importantly, puppet life. Then we will add telling stories with our puppets. By the end of the course you will be comfortable having your favorite puppet pal share the limelight with you when you perform. *Course Requirement: BYOPuppet (preferably one you have worked with previously and is beginning to have a voice and a style of movement). Puppets with mouth action – Muppet style, for example – will work best.

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