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Caring Clowning


Karen Hoyer

What better place for a clown than a nursing home – a place where joy and laughter can ease pain, and clown hi jinx can help erase loneliness. This work is challenging but truly rewarding. Karen brings over 20 years of experience performing in nursing homes and senior centers, working solo and with a partner. Here you can learn how to create material and work with a partner; explore music and skills that entertain, distract and redirect; discover how to “read the room” and make the right choices; and, above all, experience the joy of connecting with an open heart. We will also explore how to approach facilities, how to build a partnership with them, and how to present a professional proposal for an on-going program. This course includes a visit with residents in a local care facility, with Karen supervising visits. It creates the perfect safe and supportive environment to reach out as a clown who truly cares. Note: It is recommended that you have the basics of clown make-up and character in place before launching into this specialized field. Please bring any skills you want to share: musical instruments, puppets, juggling, magic tricks, poems, songs, and jokes.

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