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Sean Carlock

Camp Instructor

Sean Carlock has been entertaining since age six. Theater, Magic, and — in the last decade — Clowning have always been his passion. The only thing he loves more than Clowning is talking about and teaching Clowning to others. Sean draws from his magic and theater background as well as his time as a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey clown to bring you his spin on the world of clowning. Check out his website: In Sean’s own words: I started my entertainment career as a magician. Over the years I have performed magic, theater, and clowning. I have never considered myself to be a magician, actor or a clown. I am an entertainer that uses these things to achieve my goal of entertaining an audience. Shortly after I began clowning I met Jim Howle at a clowning convention and he suggested I give Ringling a call. He put me in touch with them and I spent the next year of my life touring the country with the Greatest Show on Earth. It was a great learning experience and the first real training I had ever had access to. Since Ringling I have gone on to a career of full time clowning and teaching all over the US. I am honored to be on the Mooseburger Camp staff. It is very rewarding to be able to work with the campers that come each year. I love seeing the excitement on their faces as they pull up each year. There is nowhere else to receive the amount of training, from the caliber of instructors, which is available at Mooseburger Camp. If there is anything that the past 20+ years of performing has taught me it is to surround yourself with successful people in your field. Mooseburger Camp is the perfect place to do that.

Sean's Courses

Sean's Courses

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