THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our

 Spectacular 3 Day On Line Clown Education & Crazy FUN EXPERIENCE!

This was FUN and we'll do it again - stay tuned!

Welcome to the Joyful Journey!


This three-day virtual clown arts education event is designed to bring us all back together to celebrate the joy of clowning in a brave new way. Come be with the amazing Mooseburger staff on a journey of interactive classes, uplifting presentations, awesome performances, fun games, prizes and crazy stuff to do! When this global pandemic is over we are going to need to look at clowning in a new way. Let's start now! 

Let the intrepid Mooseburger staff be your compass on this journey. Don't worry if you have never taken a class online. We will send you a tutorial to help you and have a test day before the event so everyone feels comfortable! Hey, beginners, we have special classes just for you!

What can you expect? The high quality of education that has been the hallmark of Mooseburger Clown Arts Education for the past 24 years.  


• Interactive classes geared to help navigate clowning in this new world.

• Uplifting, creative performances.

• Wacky and fun activities we will do together. Kazoo chorus across the land anyone?

• Crazy games and prizes! Who doesn't want to decorate a rubber chicken?

Joyful Journey Celebration Kit if registered by JULY 8! (kits to arrive in July)

• All the fun we missed because our events were canceled worldwide. 

(I know that the last one is a big order, but I have always been taught to dream big!)


Let's kick off International Clown Week in a big way. What we need is you!

Be a part of this incredible one of a kind event in clown history! You will be so glad you did.


Pricing structure

One  Day of Fun:  $99.95

Two Days of Fun:  $189.95

Three Day Fun Package:  $269.00    (Call us about Group Discounts)

Age Limit: 13 and up.

We ALL need something wonderful and FUN to look forward to.

* SIGN UP BY JULY 8th to get your Joyful Journey Celebration Kit!

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