The Joyful Journey

Friday, July 31 thru Sunday, August 2nd

A Spectacular 3 Day On Line Clown Education & Crazy FUN EXPERIENCE!

* SIGN UP BY JULY 8th to get your Joyful Journey Celebration Kit!

WOW!!!  3 FULL days at about 10 hours per day of classes, performances, talks, and really fun stuff for less than $275!! 

That’s less than $9.00/hour. Now THAT is a super bargain!


Red Nose Reader Make up kit.
1 Jumbo Ben Nye MagiColor Crayon white $10.95
1 Jumbo Ben Nye MagiColor Crayon True Red $10.95
1 Slim Ben Nye MagiColor Crème Pencil Cosmic Blue $7.50

1 Slim Ben Nye Magicolor Creme Pencil black 7.50
1 Duo Sharpener $7.00  
1 Mehron CHEEK dry blush $7.50
1 Blush Brush $2.50  
Total 64.85
Buy the kit and save 10.00
Total 54.85

This kit was inspired by our Red Nose Reader program. (link) Terrific for quick make-ups on the go, or touch ups.  

For more information on the RNR Program go to: 


Basic Clown Make-up Kit

Small Clown white 7.50 

5 Spot Palette 13.25

Powder Brush 15.00 

Pro Black Liner pencil 7.50

Sharpener 7.00 

Stageline brush #312 5.00 

Powder Puff 3.75 

Color Set Powder 11.50 

Retail total 70.50 


SAVE 20%!!! Discounted Kit price 56.40

Free Clown make-up instructions for all styles of clown!

Deluxe Make-up Kit

Small Clown white 7.50 

5 Spot Palette 13.25

Deluxe Goat Hair Powder Brush 19.95 

Pro Black Liner pencil 7.50

Jumbo Red pencil 10.95

Duo Sharpener 7.00 

CHEEK pressed powder 7.50

Creamblend Stick in fleshtone 11.00

Stageline brush #312 5.00 

Powder Puff 3.75 

Color Set Powder 11.50

Blush Brush 2.50


20% discount -21.39

SAVE!!! Discounted Kit Price 85.60

Free Make-up Instructions for all styles of clown make-up!

Rubber Chicken

High quality rubber chicken ready for your next routine. Chicken Little pocket chicken is a great side kick for your best chicken jokes. 

Why does a Chicken coup only have 2 doors? Order and I'll tell you! LOL!!!!

Inflatable Rubber Chicken

For the clown on the go! You know you want one! Packs small and plays big! Yes your very own inflatable rubber chicken. Great conversation starter. 

Chicken Gift Pack

Wow! Something to crow about! A great gaggle of gifts to feather your nest. With the Chicken Gift Pack you don't have to choose! Save big when you buy them all together. What a time to be alive!

Untitled Design copy.jpg

Joyful Journey T Shirt

Be the first on your block with the new Joyful Journey T Shirts.  Sizes from Small to 5XL.  Orders yours today.  

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