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Program to Educate & Inspire

Get Ready for Puppets Only! 

Review Mouth Movement &

Eye Focus of your puppet 

Christopher Hudert

Pre-Journey Intensives for folks who want more focused education, or
who may not be able to attend the whole Joyful Journey.
Come and sink into something awesome! Options Include:
clowning 101  l  puppets  l  balloons  l  makeup techniques  l  variety skills for clowns 


•   4 hours of focused education in an intensive of your choice

•   Class size limit: 5 - 15 students

•   Morning Session 10am - 3:30pm central (4 one hour sessions)

    Pick from Clowning 101, Makeup Techniques or Variety Skills for Clowns

•   Afternoon Session 4:00pm - 9:30pm central (4 one hour sessions) 

    Pick from Puppets, Beginner Balloons or Advanced Balloons 

•   Option to take am & pm sessions @ $99.95 per session





Class Description & Staff for Morning Intensives:

Clowning 101 - Brittany Allen

If you are just starting in clowning, or feel like you need to get back to basics because your foundation is weak, this half-day intensive is just the thing for you. Brittany will give you the building blocks you need to establish a solid foundation for your clowning. She will explore character types, movement, makeup and other elements you need on your path. Then she will help you map out workshops in the Joyful Journey to continue on the road to success.

Makeup Techniques - Julia Bothun & Annette Darragh

If you are just starting in clowning, are an old hand at it but are developing a new character or look, or are a little shaky with your technique, this intensive is for you. Julia and Annette will review the classic character types and looks and how some of them have evolved over the last decade or so to adapt to the current world and venues. Then they will guide you through the steps and techniques to find and/or refine a look that works for you. NOTE: A set of professional clown makeup is required for this intensive. If you do not already have one, you can purchase one in advance through PMO.  

Variety Skills for Clowns That YOU Can Do - Christopher Hudert

You can do funny things, or you can do things funny, but as a clown you need to DO things. This intensive will explore and lay the groundwork for simple skills that you can add to your clown tool bag and use in ‘the doing.’ The four hours will be divided between juggling (balls, rings, devil stick), balancing (umbrella, broom, cane, hat, chair, etc.), object manipulation (hat, cane, plates), and body work (balance, levels, isolations, physical expression). Once you have (and practice) the skills, you can easily incorporate them to bring more fun and funny to your appearances no matter what your venue or type of clowning. NOTE: For this Intensive, please gather as many of the listed objects as possible. You will find many of them around the average house. This is an active workshop, so make sure the device you are Zooming on is in an area that allows some movement. 

Class Description & Staff for Afternoon Intensives:

Puppets - Karen Hoyer

Puppets are the perfect partners and foils for clowns – they are friendly, fuzzy, and forgiving. In this four-hour intensive we will explore tips and techniques to bring your puppet pals to life and support and enhance your clowning in different settings and venues. Through the intensive we will explore focus; movement & manipulation; character; and exercises to bring the elements together.

Beginner Balloons - Dan Langwell

Learn the basics to get you started on this fun and lucrative hobby. We’ll will start with choosing the right balloon, show you how to inflate and tie it, and teach you all the basic twists you need create simple balloon sculptures. Dan will share some easy animals, hats, and other fun one, two, and maybe even three balloon creations for beginners. As the class continues, using a half dozen basic shapes and twist techniques, he will guide you through some more involved but still beginner level balloons. Grab your balloons and a pump (and maybe a small pair of scissors and a sharpie); you’re going to need them!

Advanced Balloons - Ed Chee

Ed Chee is an award-winning twister and will present an intensive series of workshops for the advanced balloonist that is ready to make something a little more creative than a three-twist balloon animal. You will learn how to do different types of twists for balloon figures that take more than one or two balloons, and balloons that can be worn on the head, wrist, or as a simple costume. Time permitting, we will create some more elaborate costumes and large sculptures. This Intensive is restricted to balloonists that have a firm foundation and want to twist at the next level. Please bring your balloon kit with a variety of balloons, scissors, and your pump, because we are going hard!

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