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We packed The Joyful Journey with more than a clown car load of


Check it out. You won’t want to miss ANY of these... 

*SIGN UP BY July 31st to get your Joyful Journey Celebration Kit!!


Let's Get Silly (Clowns Just Gotta Have Fun)

Silly Commercials and Spoof Sponsors

A Bit of Ba-luacy! (Crazy Fun Games with Balloons!)

260 Balloon Animal Challenge (A Gauntlet of Inflatable Challenges!)

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! (With a Side Order of Ham!)

Breakfast Boogie with Brittany

Wake Up Wiggles with Brittany

You Think THAT Was Dumb? Hold My (Root)Beer, Darwin, and Watch This! 

So Many Silly Surprises!

We've Got Games with Invaluable Prizes! 

(Or maybe UN-valuable prizes. FUN valuable prizes? Okay, it’s goofy prizes!)

3 Raffles 

Clown BINGO 

Clown Trivia

Scavenger Hunt with Zoe The Clown

Rubber Chicken and/or Pig Decoration Contest Winners

Rubber Chicken & Pig Decorating Contest

Decorate a rubber chicken, rubber pig or color one of our

rubber chicken coloring sheets! Winners will be judged on

ridiculousness, creativity, originality and fun for great silly prizes!!

Makeup Coaching Clinics with Julia Bothun, Annette Darragh & Staff 

8 different opportunities for coaching over the weekend - sign up in advance to get your spot! These clinics are LIVE and have limited space available (5 students per clinic) for a more personal and hands on experience. Have your make-up ready! (Sign up link will be posted and open on MAY 1st.)

Lunching with... (Staff)

We’ll have two rooms open at lunch with one or two JJ Staff in each room. Feel free to grab your lunch and head over to an open room and visit while you eat. No agenda, just a chance to get to know each other and visit.  


Show Me The Funny

Chef Ozzie’s Cooking Show

Show Me The Funny - Amazing Array of All Star Clown Performances!

---- Not One, Not Two, but THREE different nights filled with laughter!

Saturday Night Watch Party: Silent Comedians or Marx Brothers

Full Group Special Events

The Joyful Noise Band - Bring your kazoo Kazoos and other found & fun instruments

Caring for the Laugh Maker's Spirit with Stacey Kuhn

A Night to Remember with Ron Severini: Otto Greibling – Master Clown

A Night to Remember with Peggy Williams: Evolution of Girl Clowns on Ringling 

Snack Breaks & Story Time

Red Nose Reader Rest Stop - Story Read-Aloud with Jane Kinney

Journey To…

Road Trip Down Memory Lane: Stories and Reflections with Sean Carlock

Road Trip Down Memory Lane: Stories and Reflection with Stacey Kuhn       

Journey to Pricilla Mooseburger Originals & Moose Camp Storage (Pre-recorded Tour)


Night Jams (It's NOT a class - it's time to share & play!)  

Jam with Ron (Q&A)  - Ron Severini

Super Fun Crafts for Clowns & Kids - Julia Bothun

Jam with Peggy (Q&A) - Peggy Williams

Balloon Jam - Dan Langwell

Puppet Play - Karen Hoyer

Magic - Sean Carlock

Non-Denominational Sunday Service

Brenda Marshall

Special Closing Session

The Great Clown Karaoke Chorus





Note: Meal, Snack, and Break Times Built into the Schedule - yay! 

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