* SIGN UP BY JULY 8th to get your Joyful Journey Celebration Kit!!

Lets Get Silly (Clowns Just Gotta Have Fun) 

Silly Surprises! We could tell you EVERYTHING we have planned, but then it won't be a surprise! So DON'T MISS IT! 

Let Me Have It! Water Spits and Pies

We Got Games... with REAL Prizes!

Crazy Something Special (Minute to Win It style) 

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner - Rubber Chicken Decorating Contest!

Raffles - Watch for Raffle Ticket in your Joyful Journey Celebration Kit!

Silly Clown BINGO - Watch for Bingo Card in your Joyful Journey Celebration Kit!

Clown Trivia

Rubber Chicken Contest























Virtual Pie Fight!

Send us a super short clip or picture of you being PIED! Have a blast having a pie fight with your family or a friend and send the clip or pic to mooseburgerpiefight@gmail.com by midnight July 25th. We will be making a video of all the clips we receive – Let’s all get PIED!!!

Makeup Coaching Clinics with Julia Bothun, Annette Darragh & DJ Weiss 

Be sure to sign up for one of our make-up coaching clinics. These clinics are LIVE! We are limiting sign up to 5 for each session.  Use this link to claim your spot:  joyfuljourney.youcanbook.me  Have your make-up ready for a hands on experience.

Show Me The Funny

Sean's Super Science Show

Amazing Clown Performances! (All Star Line Up!) Not 1, Not 2, but 3 different shows!

Saturday Night Watch Party: FB Watch Party & YouTube link party

Special Events

Clowning in a Brave New World 

How Do We Clown Now? with Brenda Marshall

Global Kazoo Chorus (kazoo comes with your kit!)

Build It and They Will Hummm - Crazy Kazoo Horn demo

Performance (Group Play Along)

Caring for the Laugh Maker's Spirit with Stacey Kuhn

A Night to Remember with Ron Severini

A Night to Remember with Steve Copeland 

Cookie Break & Story Time

"Springtime" by Jackie Reynolds

Ron Reads from "Ringling Remembered"

Night Jams (It's NOT a class - it's time to play!)  

Jam with Ron (Q&A)  - Ron Severini

Jam with Steve (Q&A) - Steve Copeland

Arm Painting - Julia Bothun

Balloon Jam - Greg Seckora

Puppet Play - Brittany Allen

Magic - Fred Baisch

Journey To (Virtual Tours)…

PMO and Moose Camp Wunderhurst

International Clown Hall of Fame

Non-Denominational Sunday Service - Sandy Kephart & Karen Hoyer

Closing Session Big Event - Global Kazoo Band & Virtual Pie Fight

Note: We've even built Meal & Snack Time into the schedule!

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