We are excited to announce that we are kicking off our


Moose e-Alley

with a FREE Event!

Nov. 12th / 7:00pm Central on Zoom

Click at the bottom of the page to Register (before Nov. 10th) to get the Zoom access code.

To learn more about the e-Alley: come join a special evening for an overview,

a program with our wonderful first guest, some jams, community time, and a fun game!

Speaking of our WONDERFUL FIRST GUEST, we are thrilled to welcome...

Regina “Cha Cha” Wollrabe


                                            A Funny Thing Happened 

                                                      on the Way to 2020 

      Clowning in the Now Reality


Clowning has always been an evolving art. But the last few years have

been a challenge, to say the least. 2020 hit the hyper-drive button

and leapt us into a new world. From YouTube to Zoom to Window

Visits and distance performing, you can still share miles of smiles.

Join Cha Cha as she takes you on a journey to make the best of

the tools we now have at our disposal.

A Bit About...

Regina “Cha Cha” Wollrabe is a multi-skilled performer and presenter.


She has been performing most of her life and spent many years as a preschool teacher. In 1977 Regina began studying and performing as a mime. One magical day her love for children and her love for the arts came together and, in 1991, she began her journey as a professional children’s entertainer. Regina is currently the Director of Junior Joeys for Clowns of America International (COAI) and was named COAI Clown of the Year in 2016. Whether a clown, mime, or balloon artist, Cha Cha's flexible style always brings fun to every event, reunion, school, church, wedding, grand opening, or party she works. She also teaches mime and clown workshops to students of all ages.

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Nov. 12th / 7:00pm Central

NOTE: you will need to register by clicking this link to get the

Zoom access code for the event!