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Brittany Allen

Balloons – Basics & Beginnings

Learn the basics to get you started on this fun and lucrative hobby. Brittany will show you how to choose the right balloon, how to inflate it, and provide all the direction needed to learn the twists for simple balloon creations. She will share her favorite twists and simple designs for newbies. If you have balloons and a pump, grab them.


Clowning 101 The Journey Begins

Get started with the basics of clowning! Brittany will help you put your big foot forward into the fun world of clowning. Learn

character development, simple performance ideas, super easy ways to feel comfortable as a new clown, and other beginner elements you need to start on this journey towards being a great clown. Her sharing-and-caring style will teach you volumes in a short time!

(Note: please also take Clowning 101 - Makeup Basics & Beginnings, and the Beginning Balloons class)

Clowning 101 – The Journey Continues

You are on your way! I hope your brain doesn't "explore" with happiness! This session will help you find your kind of funny, with joyful exercises to help you create a real clown character and so much more. Let's explore ideas on where and how to take your clown into the world that needs you! What a great way to get started in clowning!  

Marketing? Yes, It IS Important for Clowns

From your first impression, to your final thank-you card (you DO send thank-you cards, right?), I’ll share basic, yet critical tips for marketing yourself and your clowning business. We’ll talk about what’s important and developing a marketing strategy that will help your business shine.

Fred Baisch

Rope Tricks At A Social Distance

Rope tricks are good a visual for window visits or other performances that require a social distance. Fred will share a variety of tricks with ropes that can be played with or with out a volunteer, so they can be played just about anywhere. Packs small, plays big!


That Magic Touch(Less)

You’ve got that “Magic Touch,” only you can’t get that close! Fred will share some magic with common objects that engages the audience without physically involving them. These are fun tricks using napkins, playing cards, ping pong balls and rope that play big, are amazing to watch and don’t require audience members to come in contact with your props!

Karen Bell


Hat Tricks

This is a workshop that will be full of fun things to do with your hat, an essential part of your clown costume! You do not need to be a juggler to manipulate your hat, but you will need a hat to practice with! You will need a hat that will hold its shape, like a derby, but if you do not have one, feel free to grab any hat you have!

Julia Bothun

Beginning ASL (Sign Language) for Clowns

Have you ever met a deaf child or family while at an event? They are all around us and love to laugh just like everyone else. Come learn some greetings and phrases in ASL that you can use in your clowning! 

Clowning 101 – Makeup Basics & Beginnings

Every clown face begins with a few strokes of makeup. From there the steps continue to a full face that will bring miles of smiles to you and your audiences. Julia and Annette will be your guides as you discover the look of your inner clown. Grab your makeup and let’s get messy on the road to a good face.

Makeup Coaching Clinic

Is your makeup a mess? Feel like it is just not coming together? Don’t panic! Come to the Makeup Coaching Clinic for a bit of guidance. Annette, DJ, and Julia will be helping you navigate your journey to a nice, clean look that works for you. 

You Can Ukulele

This class is for anyone thinking “I learned a few chords! Now what?” We will learn some basic songs you can use anywhere in your clowning. These could be used in hospitals, birthday parties, shows, parades, and any sing along. This class is open to all levels of ukulele knowledge because no matter where you are at, you will have a new song to sing! 

Dennis Burkholder

FaceBook & More – Basics for Beginners

No need to fear FaceBook. You can (and should) set up a page just for your clown persona. Come see just want it is, how it can benefit you, how to set it up, and what sort of things you should – and should NOT – post. It’s so simple that everyone in the workshop will have the opportunity to set up an account by the end of the hour. 

Randy Christensen

Clown Ministry Magic 

Randy shares some effective inexpensive routines that add that special magic as you share that special message.

Mime & Movement – Basics and Beginnings

Learn the foundational concepts and movements involved in communicating through classic mime.  These principles apply to both verbal and non-verbal clowning.

Vent Basics  The Dummy Speaks!

Your audience will never see your lips move...even when NOT wearing a mask! Randy shares the secrets of professional ventriloquists.

Annette Darragh

3 Classic Clown Types

There are three basic, traditional types of clowns: whiteface, auguste, and character. Annette will give you an introduction to the types and an explanation of the personalities, characteristics, and makeup styles of each one to help you map out your clown design.


Caring Clown Primer

This class will be about the do's and don'ts of working in a hospital. It will start with a short (4 minute) video, then Annette will share tips and tricks she discovered on the road to Caring Clown success.

Clowning 101 – Makeup Basics & Beginnings

Every Clown face begins with a few strokes of makeup. From there the steps continue to a full face that will bring miles of smiles to you and your audiences. Julia and Annette will be your guides as you discover the look of your inner clown.


Makeup Coaching Clinic

Is your makeup a mess? Feel like it is just not coming together? Don’t panic! Come to the Makeup Coaching Clinic for a bit of guidance. Annette, DJ, and Julia will be helping you on your journey to a nice, clean look that works for you.   

Mike Fixer

Distance Performing with Props

Working with props can enhance your clown performance, especially when performing from a distance. Explore how best to entertain your audience using various types of props and how those props might work best for you and your clown character as you navigate performing in the age of social distancing.


Sizing Your Props for Distance Performing

Moving away from close-up performances to those that permit you to maintain an appropriate level of social distancing but still interested in doing some of your same routines? Join the discussion on how to adjust and adapt your props to provide great entertainment without having to create totally new routines.

Karen Hoyer

Puppet Performances on Live Video

Join us to see how to use your puppets (hand and finger puppets mostly) when on zoom or facetime with children and elderly population. This builds on what we have done for our hospital zoom visits and is a continuing exploration experimenting with what works.


10 Essential Warm Ups Before Performing

Learn a routine of vocal and physical warm ups to prep for any type of performance. This physical zoom class will be followed up with access to an unlisted youtube video of Karen demonstrating the warm up.

Christopher Hudert

5 Puppetry Essentials

Christopher will share a primer in puppetry that covers the basics needed to lay a firm foundation to build your puppetry skills on. This little tour will showcase the landmarks of 1) Focusing, Looks & Takes, 2) Actions & Reactions, 3) Voices & Lip Sync, 4) Entrances & Exits, and make a final stop at 5) Character and Quirks (Elements of Character).


Juggling Basics & Beginnings

Learn to juggle in less than an hour! Will you be an expert by the end of the class? Nope. But we will map out the path to success so that, with practice, you will hit fewer speed bumps and potholes on your juggling journey.


Just Shoot Me! Tips on Working to a Camera

Learn some simple tips and techniques that will make it easier and more effective when you need to play to a camera. Christopher will touch on content, focus, framing, backgrounds and more so that however, whatever, and whoever you shoot, it will connect. 

Sandy Kephart

Airbrush Body Art

Ever thought about adding an airbrush system to your face-paint business? It may be the right time to add this element as face and body painting becomes more no contact. Sandy will share her set up, tools, & extras that she uses to create fun works of walking art.


Clowning in the VIDEO Classroom 

In a classroom you have a captive audience, but how do you keep them captivated? Sandy will share with you some of her tips and techniques to keep a young, restless, audience engaged. She will also talk about what sort of show to do in a video classroom, and how to incorporate a message (like reading or safety) into your show.

Stacey Kuhn

Renew or Redo Old Skits                                           

Is it time to update an old skit with some fresh new ideas?  We will take an old skit premise, and work to craft it into a new, fresh take, while staying true to the original.  This workshop will help with improv skills and increasing skit writing creativity. 


Understanding Autism to Clown for the Spectrum

This workshop will help performers develop strategies for interacting in both close up and stage settings for children with special needs, such as autism. We will review key features displayed by kids and adults on the Autism Spectrum, and how to modify interactions to increase positive engagement. 

Iman Lizarazu

Eccentric Wisdom – Tips for Performing On Stage

Iman’s extensive training and experience as an Eccentric Clown will give you rich insights into using physical comedy to bring new life to your character. Her tips and pearls of wisdom on movement and character will shed a whole new light on your clowning!  

Tricia Manuel

Put Together Your Red Nose Reader Show

The Red Nose Reader program is a ready-made program! It’s important message, aimed at small children and teachers alike and delivered through a quality reading program, has taken off. Come get an introduction to the program and see how you can share the fun and help turn the focus back to the joy of clowning. 


Cartoon Movement for Clowns

Let's be more animated in our clown performances! Pricilla Mooseburger will show you how to add those funny looks, moves and takes to help you be more comic in your clown performances. It's fun, and it's easy once you know the secret!     

Brenda Marshall

How Do We Clown Now?

Times are changing and our usual way of clowning must change too! Window visits and shows for nursing homes may be our new normal for a while. We will talk about ways to reach some of the most forgotten in this challenging time. 

Angel Ocasio

How To Be Funny

Being funny is by far the hardest thing we do as an artist. Anyone can try to be funny, but unless you understand how to connect with your audience, and with yourself, you are only trying to be funny. And, trying is not being funny.

Chris Shelton

Physical Comedy: Trips, Slips, and Shtick!

Enhance your performance without injury using the techniques and timing of Physical Comedy. Add one more important form of comedy and skill to your clown repertoire. When practiced and performed correctly, Physical Comedy represents how movement speaks louder than words and is a guaranteed laughter initiator!

DJ Weiss

Zero Contact Does Not Mean Zero Connection

DJ will use his background and experience from clowning in hospital settings with different levels of resections to help you tailor your performance outlines to meet the recommend CDC restrictions while still getting big time comedy laughs. 


Makeup Coaching Clinic

Is your makeup a mess? Feel like it is just not coming together? Don’t panic! Come to the Makeup Coaching Clinic for a bit of guidance. Annette, DJ, and Julia will be helping you on your journey to a nice, clean look that works for you.    

Bob "BB" Widdop

Humor & Healing

Based on real world experiences and years of working with the Clown Care Unit at Boston Children’s Hospital, BB Widdop will bring a wealth of knowledge to share in the area of the healing power of humor. As a compassionate clown and a cancer survivor, BB’s presentations are a blend of entertainment and inspiring message.  

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