2021 Special Featured Artist

Randy Christensen

Randy Christensen is an entertainer, creative communicator, child specialist, pastor, clown, juggler, and author. He was mentored in clowning by former Ringling Clown Michael O’Shaughnessy and began pursuing every professional training opportunity available. The expertise he has gained has opened doors for him as the featured solo performer for the International Clown Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Clowns International Convention, and pre-event performer for Cirque Du Soliel.

In 2011 Randy was awarded the title “Master Clown” by the World Clown Association for his excellence in performance and was named international “Clown of the Year” in 2013. 


Inspired by old-time renowned professionals like Charlie Chaplin and Red Skelton, Randy brings good, clean fun to audiences of all ages today. With experience in circus, hometown, and ministry clowning, audiences find themselves enthralled with Randy’s incredible world-class presentations that are knee-slapping, physical based clown comedy, full of heart and humor, performed at a world-class level.



Silent Clowning & Physical Communication

Join Randy to learn more about how "actions speak louder than words."  Through subtle disciplined movements we share emotion, thought and story. Learn techniques that will help you communicate with your audiences; whether in a hospital bed or in a stadium. Mime movement techniques based on the Del Sarte and DeCroux mime methods are taught in practical, immediately applicable, segments. Expand your physical vocabulary to tickle the funny bone and touch people's hearts.


The Art of Clown - What takes clowning from just "playing around" to the level of art? Randy shares insights and the "thinking process" that makes clowning an artform appreciated even by the critics.

The Body Speaks – Effective Movement  - Over 50% of what a person communicates is non-verbal. Randy teaches mime-based concepts that help with physical communication on stage and also up close and personal. It's an interesting, insightful, effective class on body language based on the Del Sarte and DeCrouix mime concepts.

The Clown In Ministry  -  Philosophy, history, opportunities and ideas on using traditional clowning to minister in and from the church setting. 

Laugh & Learn – Clowning with a Message  -  Learn how to write comedy routines that teach solid messages for schools, churches, libraries, missions efforts, etc. Four methods for developing strong skits are taught and then implemented.


Preschool Clowning  -  This wonderful age group can be your best audience if you understand who they are and how they think.  Randy shares great insights and routines to help you make your clowning with preschoolers successful. 

Special Performance: A Night with Randy Christensen 

Randy Christensen is truly ‘a clown’s clown.’ In performance, Randy provides good, clean, wholesome comedy for “kids of all ages” by presenting fun, knee-slapping, physical-based clown comedy at a world-class level. His shows are full of a variety of performance arts and may include juggling, magic, comedy, audience participation, puppets, and mime.

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